As many may know, I was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I now reside in the United States in West Philadelphia. When most people hear of the city West Philadelphia, they immediately relate the city to Will Smith and the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” TV show. This outfit I have styled was inspired by my African heritage, as well as my love for basketball, West Philadelphia and the Fresh Prince T.V show. 
In the Fresh Prince show, actor Will Smith played basketball for his high school team. The basketball jersey that he wore on the show is now sold online. At first, I wanted to bring the jersey back in style, which is now considered a throw back jersey. After I received the jersey, I wanted to add my own style to it! I wanted to make the jersey different by adding African print fabric to the jersey. I made sure that I found the perfect fabric that matched with the color of the jersey. After that I decided where the fabric was going to be placed on the jersey. I designed the layout and my friend Sarge Chesson, who is a fashion designer, sewed the fabric perfectly. 
The jersey was complete with my new additions to it and I was satisfied with the outcome. But when it comes to fashion, it’s not just about the clothes. The way one puts the pieces of the clothes together and the presentation of the clothing matter also. From the shoes to the accessories, it all plays a vital part in the final outcome of the outfit. 
Here are come pictures of the process and the final outcome of the jersey. I hope you enjoy it and I hope to inspire others to create outfits of their own style and uniqueness. 

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Product Photography

Product photography is a new talent that I have tried to acquire thanks to my professor. I have marked out three products for which I will take photos of in unique and different ways.

The Glasses

For the glasses my audience was targeted to people with an interest in art. For that reason, I decided to shoot studio photos and also some artistic photos. The problem for this product is that not everyone will be interested in this type of glasses. I took shots that will be appealing to the target audience. So I shot photos around art in a unique way.


The Shoes 

For the shoes, I wanted to focus on the main feature of the shoes which was the lights. The target audience for the shoes are college students who like to party. The lights on the shoes are the most interesting thing to me, so I wanted to express that while shooting. Putting the shoes in different locations was just a way for the target audience too see the lights in different areas.


The Watch 

For the watch, it was all about the appearance. The target audience for the watch are people in their late 20’s with good jobs and a taste for the finer things in life. The watch looks luxurious and I wanted to show that in the shots with close up pictures. Even though I got good photos in the studio, I wanted photos with natural light and also photos with the product being used. In my opinion, the product looked better while being worn.

W.C Week 4



Today was the beginning of my spring break, but I still reported for work to catch up on hours. For today, there was another photo shoot held at the Whitaker Center with some kids and their parents. The photo shoot was for the Spotlight magazine

W.C Week 3


I continued making phone call to the list of business concerning our brochures. I also listed the amount of orders the businesses made. Jeremy mentioned another Ad. assignment that I am excited to do.


Today I was given the task of organizing our marketing supply room and files. I started off with labeling photo release forms and placing them into a folder. I organized the forms by date and also for what event the photos were taken for.


After working on the files, I went into the big working room that held supplies and files. The room was disorganized and I was asked to organize the room. I put away posters, banners and old magazines. After organized the room, I dusted and cleaned up everything.

W.C Week 2

Monday: 2/22/2016

Today I continued creating the Wonders at Whitaker ad that I started last week. I learned how to wrap text in different ways in Adobe In-design. The learning process was interesting because I had a chance  to not only learn from an individual, but I also went online to teach myself (Using YouTube). After I finished the Ad. I was given a new task. I started to make phone calls to different companies that receive our Visitor guides. My job was to first look up the place of business online, get their information (phone number) call and inquire if they needed more visitor guides/ brochures and how many if they do.

Wednesday: 2/24/2016

Today I continued to make phone calls to the list of different businesses.The list in pretty long so its going to take some time to finish making the phone calls.

Friday: 2/26/2016

Today Jeremy (my mentor ) and I reviewed the Wonders Ad that I have been working on. We made a couple of changes to the Ad. We changed the size on one of the illustrations and we took away another illustration on the Ad. I also took away some of the information that was on the Ad. in order for the Ad. to have less words. Jeremy assisted me with adding shadows to some of the letters and graphics on the add that were not too visible due to colors of the background photo of the Ad.

After our final edits and re-reads, the add was ready and we printed out a few copies too how it would look.



Whitaker Center 

This week I statered working at the Whitaker center cooperate office. I am apart of the marketing department and so far it’s a great experience. For my first day, which was Monday February 15, I got a tour of both the office and the Whitaker center building. I got my own office and private space which is very nice. 

Wednesday 2/17/2016

Today I got my first assignment. My mentor Jeremy, gave me a chance to create an add for the Whitaker Center Spotlight Magazine. The add is for Wonders, which is an gift shop located in the Whitaker Center. I was given an example of last years add, content and also photos. My job is to create a new add with new information and a new look for the spring. I drew out designs and outlines by hand of some ideas I had for the add.

Friday: 2/19/2016

I am still working on the Wonders Ad. It’s has been challenging because for all the applications I have been using crash or there is something that I cannot do on one. Photoshop made is very difficult to wrap text around an image. After trying over and over, I got instructed to use Indesign. I had to start from scratch for the third time.  

Kanye West x Adidas Originals Yeezy 750 Boost

On Valentine’s Day 2015, rapper and fashion mogul Kanye West paired up with Adidas to release a one of a kind pair of sneakers. Combining comfort with high-end style, the ‘Yeezy Boost’ attracted attention from individuals everywhere.  
Almost immediately after the shoes release, they were sold out in stores and online. Consumers that were fortunate enough to get their hands on these shoes had two options: keep the shoes for themselves or resell them. Those who decided to resell the sneakers definitely had the motives to make a fortune. 

The shoes are originally sold at a retail price of $350. However, if you try to purchase the shoes on auction sites such as eBay you’ll be in for a big surprise. Prices on eBay are not doubled, not tripled, but quadrupled! Prices range from $3,000 to $10,000. 

Now will someone actually pay $10,000 for a pair of Yeezy Boost? I do not know. What I do know is that consumers are using auction sites like eBay to their full advantage. Kanye plans on advancing the Yeezy Boost even more. He wants to design different versions with colors and low-cut styles.